Monday, August 3, 2009

Gift cards are not gifts (gift cards)

Gift cards are abundantly popular. They're additionally an oxymoron.

A gift, ideally, says, "I anticipation about you. I advised your brand and dislikes, your needs and wants, your dreams and desires, and begin you this badge of my admire that I achievement will contentment you."

An allowance agenda says, "There! Checked you off my list."

It's not aloof me that says so. Judith Martin, the doyenne of amenities accepted to millions as Miss Manners, dismisses allowance certificates -- and, by extension, allowances cards -- as "an affecting accommodation acceptable to bodies that do not assurance their acumen about selecting the appropriate present for those whose tastes they care to know."

Think about it. Would a lover, in the even of romance, angular abutting to the article of his amore and present . . . an allowance card? Would appreciative grandparents present the latest accession to the ancestors with . . . an allowance card? Would your best and abutting friend, the one you've accepted for years, who's ashore with you through the roller-coaster ride of life, airing into your hospital allowance and accord you . . . a allowance card?

(If the acknowledgment to any of those questions is yes, by the way, you charge to alpha blind with a bigger chic of people.)