Saturday, June 13, 2009 Announces Gift Card Bankruptcy Protection Policy

Bankruptcy protection policy covers gift cards purchased by the card issuer should defeated Go

Ellicott City, MD. -, LLC announced today the launch of its new policy of protection of the bankruptcy refers to customers who purchase gift cards for the company's Web site.

"The current economic slowdown is causing concern among consumers as to whether a gift card purchased today tomorrow given the recent surge in bankruptcy by retailers. The policy assures our clients that their gift cards bankruptcy loses are covered, "says Kwame Kuadey, GiftCardRescue CEO and founder.

When a customer buys a gift card and the retailer bankruptcy within one year from the purchase of gift cards, refund the customer is not used for any amount in gift cards if 'card issuer cease gift to honor gift cards. All eligible applications submitted within 30 days of the bankruptcy are paid in full.

To keep customers informed of developments in the gift card industry, is again launching its popular blog, The blog will offer updates on bankruptcy and retailers of their impact on the Gift Card. Readers will also find articles on gift ideas and shopping once a week a list of gift cards dealt.

About is an online marketplace where visitors can sell or trade gift cards unused. The company also sells discount gift card 20%. For more information on GiftCardRescue, visit the company website

About is a blog about gift cards, including gift card ideas, gift cards and bankruptcy and Free Gift Card deals. For more information on GiftCardBlogger visit GiftCardBlogger is a service
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Plastic Is Popular This Holiday Season

Consumers in the removal of stress for the perfect gift to buy, through the development of the gift card. According to a study by BizRate Research, the first research site for comparison shopping Shopzilla (, a large 92% of online shoppers believe that gift cards, the risks associated with holiday gifts. Although four in five agree that gift cards for last minute gifts are great. E-Marketer estimates that $ 18.8 billion in gift cards from last season, a figure that is likely to increase this year.

In addition to poverty alleviation for the purchase of gifts, gift cards are the recipients of the gifts properly. In fact, 40% of respondents prefer gift cards over actual gifts, against 21% who disagree.

Gift cards are increasingly popular this year. In another study *, just over two-thirds of online consumers expect to buy gift cards this season (68% to buy gift cards, 32% no plan to purchase gift cards). It is a leap from previous years, while only half of online consumers (50%) said they planned to purchase gift cards.

Plastic is impersonal?

Gift Cards May be perceived as a lack of personality and creativity, but only one fifth of respondents felt impersonal gift card. Although the three-fifths of respondents who purchase gift cards say they have a gift card for a spouse or partner as a holiday gift.

More women than men reported a gift card for a spouse or partner as a holiday gift (63% of women against 55% of men). Men are twice as likely to believe that gift cards are not personal, just 30% against 13% of women interviewed. While almost the same as gift cards to give preference to the reality of donations (19% of men and 21% women), most men do not agree with this statement (42%) look into neutral (39%) where more women (47%) feel that they do not agree that neutral (32%).

Make it personal. Companies such as American Express, Wal-Mart card or luxury offers custom gift cards, you can contact the recipient by name and a brief message and / or photos.

Be aware of the "Gift Card Spoiler" - paid and fraud

According to Money Magazine (July 2006), this year bilyun billion dollars of gift cards - worth $ 1.75 billion to $ 3.5 billion - are not included in the price within 12 months of purchase.

"Although the popularity of plastic is beyond question, this does not mean that buyers and recipients should not ask intelligent questions to ensure that the value of a gift card is not lost by the accusations of harassment, "said Helen Malani, shopping expert head, Shopzilla. "So read the fine print before gift cards."

Including payments for maintenance and inactive card accounts, which the card balance, or lack of replacement in case of loss or theft, the consumer must be alert to fraud by gift card . Recently, some websites with your gift card exchange, where buyers can sell or trade used the gift card, unfortunately, not all have tamper-proof system that prevent sellers to lie about the value of their card. Retail experts give the following tips to avoid fraudulent gift cards:

1. Before buying a gift card, ask that the charges apply in May for the inactive account, telephone balance inquiry, the time to use it, replacement costs, obtaining a partial payment in cash , bank cards, loyalty cards etc are more than the introduction of fees.

2. Deemed purchase online directly from sources or from memory. If a bank is inclined to the gift card, read the fine print very carefully and decide if your gift recipient will be subject to taxes, amortization of your presence.

3. If purchasing a store of brick and mortar, immediately after the purchase of the gift card, ask the cashier to the card itself to ensure that the card is valid and good value.

4. When purchasing a gift card, keep the original receipt of purchase card as proof of purchase. Because if the beneficiary is the value of the card, it is ok, and a good idea, proof of purchase cards, if problems occur, the value can be set and the replacement card in case of loss or stolen (depending on the dealer or policy of the Bank).

5. Trustworthy companies will not ask for sensitive information such as Social Security number, bank account or the date of birth when purchasing gift cards.

6. Avoid the purchase of tickets to buy or username to include basic information available. It's safer to buy from merchants who display clear and paid for a website or your gift card brochures and packaging.

You can even compare prices for gift cards. Shopzilla offers many online merchants with such offers.

About learning:

The study conducted by, a division of Shopzilla Inc., was established on October 12-13, 2006 and includes responses from 1166 customers in line with members of the Research Group BizRate.

About Shopzilla, Inc:

Shopzilla, formerly, is the most powerful and easy to use shopping search site on the Internet. With an index of over 30 million products from more than 67,000 stores, Shopzilla uses ShopRank a patent pending for buyers instantly find anything on sale from anyone, even when the Internet at the best price . Shopzilla also powerful comparison tools and BizRate consumer reviews of stores and products, the Web's largest and most trusted consumer feedback network. Shopzilla prepare each week to millions of customers in smarter, more confident purchases and sends them directly to the fund by thousands of online merchants. Shopzilla also operates the BizRate system for collecting feedback from consumers of approximately 1 million reviews per month. Shopzilla powers to many stores looking for the biggest Web sites such as AOL, Lycos, Time Warner Road Runner, and more. Founded in 1996, Los Angeles, a company based in the United Kingdom, France and Germany. Shopzilla is owned by the EW Scripps Company (NYSE: SSP), a company with interests in national television networks, publishing in a newspaper, the television, and television licensing and distribution of syndication. For more information, visit, the smart way to shop.

BizRate * Point of Sale, study of 4611 respondents box week 30 October - 5 November 2006. Last year, the comparison of the field in the same week last year (31 October - 6 November 2005).

Contact: Susan Yin Shopzilla, Inc. 310-903-4518 Email Contact Wendy Zaas Tim Hammill Rogers & Cowan 310-854-8148/310-854-8122 Email Contact Email Contact

Friday, June 12, 2009

Remember It When Shopping For a Gift

Many men have problems when trying to remember the gift of women in their lives. Storage, meaning that the Sun is a woman's own life, hand craft jewelry or jewelry are balanced by a single idea. There are many times a year since the Sun has to find someone who can be stressitekitav task. The debate on what to buy someone can be so scared that it violates the whole process of grant.

Before the period to receive the full Sun certainly someone, something, it is important to consider what a gift appropriate for their relationship. If this learning is a friend or significant other, a plate or a Gift Gift baskets can not be close enough. However, caution is a gift ekstravagantne or very close. The Sun, which is very beneficial to change the feel strange.

If you decide that the Gift Baskets Gift card or a gift is appropriate, it is important to decide what they want, they can do. Themed Dom Dom grade is a fun to give and receive. You can create a perfect picnic baskets or use of all pieces of the film. More pleasant Kinkekaardid is unique, but also explore how the Sun card, personal and interesting. Choose an interesting place to get a gift card or a package of five cute Gift card. If you do not supply the restaurant's butter Gift package to create a movie dinner and a movie night.

A gift card seems very original, the real process begins. Sometimes it helps to not talk about the person you are shopping. It is important to get all the information needed to buy one. Clothing size of a shoe size of your favorite perfume and color of the animal are important factors to consider that, if there is shopping. Also consider hobbies and buy something they can use your favorite Hobi. If the person buying it on the pleasure, to meet some camping accessories, or if they have been taken into fitness, you can create a total of books on yoga and yoga to create a new selection eelproov.

It is very important to Remember, as little things that give gifts. Make sure to keep the reception to ask for a gift is only purchasing is ultimately not work for them. It is also important not to get sick when the person has to come no meeltmööda the Sun We hope they will take, and find something you really love. Despite the cliché, really want to be. They are worried that took time to have time for such thoughtful gifts, whatever, that is.
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Gift Card Holders and Gift Card Packaging Make Your Gift Unique

Gift card is an excellent solution when you just can not decide on a complete gift. For example, friends and families separated by distance, you do not have a clue as to what a person buys a special occasion. This is one reason why so many people have begun to give gift cards for Christmas and birthdays. They are also a small gift of appreciation for the teacher, cosmetology, mail carrier, and so forth.

But there are times when you feel that the gift card is too impersonal. Then you need to find a unique gift card holder and gift packaging solutions.

Gift Card Holder

As this development has increased, a growing number of gift cards have been given in other contexts. Weddings, baby showers, Valentine's Day, and anniversaries have been included in this gift preference. When you buy a card, but many times that all you get. You have to buy your own gift card holder or a gift card packaging. Even if the gift is usually appreciated, it is not particularly attractive or extraordinary by itself.

If the gift is personal and unique gift, choose gift card packaging, which is more than a traditional present. This does not give away a surprise, before it opens. The person opening it has in mind the expectations and surprise that the traditional gift to give. Purchases of gift boxes, which are decorated with beautiful colors and color bands to show how grateful you are for them a gift. This detail seems true spirit of gift to give.

Gift Packaging Solutions

There are many different ways to complete a gift card instead of just donating the envelope. Use a small gift bag filled with tissue is extremely attractive. You can also buy gift boxes and wrapping them, or just purchase obligations bands around them. There are other boxes that are unique forms as the star boxes, pillow boxes, Pentagon cartons, cube boxes. It is also flat boxes used for easy mailing. These are available in different colors and shapes to suit the context.

For small children, who are always excited to open gifts, gift boxes and other unique gift card packaging is a particular need. As some of young children do not understand the value of money themselves, they open their gift. SEARCH gift card to help them understand they can get something special, the book itself.

Choosing a gift card holder and gift card packaging solutions are part of the fun of gift to give. Make a gift to a special and personal use, the unique gift card packaging solutions.

Printing Gift Card Industry

Gift card printing are primarily small and large works of laminated plastic cards. It is often all colors and graphics. Map size is the same as a normal credit card, which has a magnetic encoding high-resolution bar coding, order or serial number, and customization.

Companies are interested to Gift Certificate should always ask for samples and evidence of what one seeks to assess the quality and ensure that all text is correct. Many companies check printing work for the house and we can offer you a quick time of service. They offer you several options after receipt of specifications. Often, you can ask to create your own design or give details about the company and the design is for you. Therefore, always in front of the card to ensure recognition of changes in sales subsequently increased.

Check the Sunday printed business cards to choose full capacity, so you can work under one roof. It includes sales, design, tightness of capacity management, production department, procurement and customer service. If all these factors are in place, which means it can be poured into the attacks, and not a play-in-a-time, ie a gift card. Gift card printing companies are generally able to print other types of products, which requires other forms, see if you can work into account that the transaction at a discount.

Gift Card Programs

Gift Card Program to measure independent dealers. This is a safe, simple, safe and effective way to promote sales. Various companies offer a wide range of projects to find business. Corporate logo gifts on a car and gives the company a competitive advantage. It ensures that the increase in sales of less than cash transactions. This reduces the labor and administrative costs.

With gift cards, gift cards and counterfeit articles have fewer opportunities to speak with a split tongue. They were activated when purchased. The value of the card can be fixed, flexible, or both. You can reuse and recycling, or in a store or online. Corporate Gift Card program and other programs, such as customer loyalty and payment process.

Loyalty program, including increased customer loyalty and additional services, such as to encourage the cardholder to register online. This will include the provision of on-line card statements.

Some hardware manufacturers to include a wide range of credit-based applications. Payment plans, including the payment of retail payments, merchandise return cards as a refund of the balance or as a traditional credit, e-coupons can be sent by e-mail according to the value, select and add your personal information, stored-value cards, frequent user cards, cards, promotional cards, gas cards, the cost of the card account, vouchers or discount cards, prepaid cash card, a nonprofit organization or donor card, the cards, pay cards, shopping cards are also used by many companies.