Monday, June 15, 2009

Avoiding Gift Card Scams

Gift cards are a holiday gift, but be careful. Gift card scam in the new fashion in the world of financial fraud.

The National Retail Federation says that sales of gift cards increasing every year billions. Most people spend $ 30 or more gift cards they give holiday gifts. Many people do not realize that the gift is perhaps part of a scam.

A popular scam involves people copying numbers from gift cards hung on store shelves. They then call the 800 number of the retailer to check the balance on the card numbers they have copied. When the cards are purchased and activated, the thief uses the card number to purchase items online.

There are also false gift cards floating around there. These were stolen. You buy online and give them as gifts to discover that they are not activated.

When considering gift cards as holiday gifts, consider these tips:

* Buy gifts from the retailer the card store or secure website. Do not buy gift cards for a third or auction sites.
* When you purchase a gift to a store card, be sure to carefully consider both sides of the card. Ensure it has not been tampered with. The PIN must not be exposed. If you are unsure, do not buy gift cards.
* Make sure you have your receipt. This is your proof of purchase. If the card was compromised and may not be used, many retailers to replace the card for you.
* When you purchase a gift card in stores, ask the cashier to scan the card to ensure it is valid and reflects the balance that you just added to the card. This ensures that you what you paid for.

Gift cards are an excellent choice of gifts for holidays and other events. It is easy to stay within your budget if you are to buy gift cards for all. And they show the thinking, if you choose retailers that a particular interest in the recipient. For example, a shop for hunting and fishing for a father, a quilt shop for a mother and a toy store for children. This saves you money, time and being jostled by other customers around the holidays.

All you need to do is determine how much you want to spend per person on your list. It's easy. Create a list of all you want to buy items. Then, in your budget for the amount you are able to spend a holiday shopping. Then just divide the number of people in total that you want to spend. This gives you the amount you can spend on each individual gift card. He can not be simpler.